Smashwords Party!                                        February 19, 2024


As you can probably guess, authors spend years creating their work, spend thousands on editing, artwork, website design, marketing and other promotional items/activities. At the end of the day, many sell only a few hundred copies, and that’s if they’re lucky. NO ONE writes to become wealthy or famous. We just want to share our stories to the world.

Smashwords understands this, and they throw these little parties to help authors get their stuff read. From March 3 to March 9, you can get a digital version of my novel for FREE. If you haven’t yet read my book and are considering picking it up, there’s no better time—and no better price!

Here’s the link.  The Shores of Utopia

New Cover Reveal                                                January 1, 2024


The first cover originally was a temporary mock up that somehow made its way to the printer. By somehow, I mean I messed up. This is the proper cover to the eBook version. The print is a little different. Anyone purchasing the book in 2024 and beyond will have the updated cover.

Also corrected were a couple of typos that managed to sneak their way onto the page. Hey, it’s a learning process. Because I can, I added some diologue here and there. That’s it – this is the final product!


The two paragraph teaser for Shores…

An assignment in twenty-first century New York City should’ve gone smoothly for a well-trained historian like Cathryn Delaney, but her foreknowledge of certain terrorist events arouses the suspicion of a relentless FBI agent, Vivian Wu.

To further complicate matters, Cathryn has fallen in love with her neighbor—something a time traveler should never do. With an atomic detonation looming, Cathryn races to avoid Agent Wu’s crosshairs to escape on time.


Happy New Year Everybody! That’s it for now. Happy reading.