New from author Charles Rice, Book #1 in the utopia Series, The Shores of Utopia.

An assignment in twenty-first century New York City should’ve gone smoothly for well-trained historian Cathryn Delaney, but her foreknowledge of certain terrorist events arouses the suspicion of a relentless FBI agent, Vivian Wu.

To further complicate matters, she has fallen in love with her recently widowed neighbor – something a time traveler should never do. With an atomic detonation looming, Cathryn races to avoid Agent Wu’s crosshairs to escape on time.

The Shores of Utopia is a romantic thriller set in two worlds: the past, where crime and corruption are commonplace, and the future, where everything appears perfect.

Cathryn soon discovers that her ideal utopia indeed has problems as the cracks widen and society’s slick facade becomes clear.

Digital copies will be available November 1st, 2023.